Vintage Bouquet Cotton Lycra

cotton lycra dark green home delivery oeko-tex pink floral possum vintage bouquet

A huge shipment of gorgeous floral stretch knits arrived shortly before I went on leave and now that I'm back, I'm hoping for a quiet couple of hours to make a pencil skirt with this lovely pink floral on dark green cotton lycra. It's 240gsm, 95/5 cotton lycra, 150cm wide and Oeko-Tex certified. I love working with Oeko-Tex certified fabric, not only because it's healthier and safer for me when I'm handling the fabric but also for my lovely customers and their families.

Working from a home studio has some unique challenges. I mainly work at night while my darling daughters sleep and often don't clock off until 1 or 2am. By 9pm tonight, I had finally caught up on the last of the orders that arrived while I was on leave, including one for a local lady. Mr Rubyjam Fabric kindly offered to drop it on her doorstep to save me an extra errand in the morning which suited me just fine!  He set off but he only made it two steps out the door when he found a possum on our patio. After watching our little visitor for a few minutes, we realised it was very unwell. Mr RJF decided we should catch the possum and he would take it to our local 24 hour animal hospital on the way to make the fabric delivery. The possum didn't struggle at all and so there went Mr RJF with a fabric bundle under one arm and a possum bundle under the other. I'm glad he didn't get those two deliveries muddled up, that would have taken some explaining!

Update: The vet called to advise that the poor little possum had a dreadful injury and sadly the little guy had to be euthanised. :(


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