Make Your Own - Play Food & Finger Puppets

We are so thrilled to be able to offer the gorgeous little Play Panels we have been toying with for a while now. Currently, there are 6 different food collections and a set of Animal Finger Puppets. 

The thing we love most about these panels is that they are so versatile. They don't come with instructions, because we want people to be able to express their own creativity and make them in their own way, but we do have some suggestions, and examples of ways that you can assemble them that we think look pretty good, and are kid approved!

Finger Puppets

Each animal has a feint grey line around it, which acts as seam allowance. Cutting around this line, and sewing the pieces right sides together creates a clean finish.

As the seam allowance is quite narrow, we found it best to sew slowly and stop every few stitches, leaving the needle lowered and pivoting the pieces to allow great control around the curves.

 Starting at the top centre and working towards the base, and repeating on the other side also helped give greater control. 

Once finished, they can be trimmed and turned. There is no need to hem or finish the bottom edges as knit fabric will not fray. 

Another way to assemble them, is by putting the pieces together right sides out, and simply stitching around the feint seam allowance line. Using pinking shears to finish them gives a fun rustic finish. 



Play Food 

There are many different ways of assembling the play food. 

You can:

  • Sew them together without stuffing, for simple flat play items, perfect for including in a quiet book
  • Sew them right sides together, and stuff them with polyfill, using an invisible ladder stitch to finish the opening
  • Sew around the line with right sides out, stuffing them as you go, and finishing them the same way, leaving a narrow trimmed edge, or using pinking shears on the raw edges
  • Sew them with felt or batting inside for a slimmer less plush but equally adorable finished item
  • Hand stitch them with a bold contrasting thread, or a blanket stitch for a traditional home made look

Whatever way you choose, we encourage you to share your own methods in the Facebook group and help others learn and discover new ways of making awesome play items.