Manufacturers' care instructions for all Rubyjam Fabric stretch knit fabric including cotton lycra, cotton/rayon/lycra, poly/rayon/lycra and all poly lycra blends:

Cold gentle machine wash with like colours using mild detergent. Do not bleach, soak, rub or wring. Do not tumble dry or dry clean. Do not iron.

We cannot warrant fabric once it has been washed or cut. Please check your order carefully before laundering. Please do not force fabric to shrink by washing in hot water or drying in a tumble dryer. Washing in hot water will encourage the fabric fibres to release the dyes and drying in a tumble dryer can damage the elastane fibres and distort the knit stitches. Your garments will look newer for longer if you follow these care instructions.

What are the care instructions for JAMPODs?
There may be a slight colour variation towards the sides of the panel from the pre treatment process - this will disappear once washed. Please prewash in cold water only to remove any pretreatment residue. Once your garment is finished, washing in cold water and line dry is recommended. Tumble drying JAMPODs is not recommended and may cause damage to the digitally printed image.