What is "Panels on Demand"?
Rubyjam Fabric 'Panels on Demand' (JAMPOD) are fabric pieces that are digitally printed in-house on our 220gsm cotton lycra solid fabric range. This means you can pair your JAMPOD panel with the solid fabric by the same name and it will match exactly. We can also print to our french terry solid fabric range. If you select french terry, we will print to the closest matching colour from the FT range.

All JAMPOD panels are made to order at our studio in Sydney, Australia. We use Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabric inks only.   

What do I sew using a panel?
Panels are a great way to add interest to your sewing, and are a fun change from regular prints. You can make shirts, dresses, bags, etc - view our tutorial on sewing with panels here!

How long does it take to make my panel?
Please allow up to ten days for your panel order to be printed but please always contact us if you need your panel sooner.

What sizes are available?
Our garment panels are available in Child, Youth, Adult and Extended sizes. As each panel is hand cut the finished size is approximate.

Available Panel Sizes (height x width): 
Child = approx 50cm x 50cm
Youth = approx 75cm x 60cm
Adult = approx 100cm x 75cm
Extended = approx 100cm x 90cm

What size is the image on the panels?
The image dimensions will vary a little depending on the design. Our Child size panels feature an image that is approximately 6" on its longest side. The Youth size image is approximately 8" on its longest side. The Adult and Extended panels use the same size image at around 10" on the longest size.

What are the care instructions for JAMPODs?
There may be a slight colour variation towards the sides of the panel from the pre treatment process - this will disappear once washed. Please prewash in cold water only to remove any pretreatment residue. Once your garment is finished, washing in cold water and line dry is recommended. Tumble drying JAMPODs is not recommended and may cause damage to the digitally printed image.

Can you print my artwork?
Yes, we now offer a custom panel printing service

Rubyjam Fabric reserves the right to change artwork colours, scale and other elements as necessary and without notice.