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Your use of any Rubyjam Fabric discount code will be taken as an acceptance of the following:

Occasionally discount codes may be offered to our customers. Some codes are single use, while others may require a minimum spend or may only apply to certain items or certain customer groups. Discount codes may be advertised on our Facebook page or group and we welcome everyone to enjoy these codes while they are active. Expired codes cannot be reinstated. We cannot retrospectively discount previous orders. Discount codes are offered in good faith, however Rubyjam Fabric reserves the right to modify or cancel any discount code without notice. Orders placed using a discount code that was not intended for that person (such as an individual's code that was been wrongly shared or a single use code that has been used more than once) will be invoiced for the erroneously discounted amount or offered a full refund. Clearance items, special orders and pre-order items are exempt from further discounts.

We reserve the right to decline orders where the customer has deliberately abused or misused these codes.

Discount Calculations:
This website and shop cart is powered by Shopify. An inherent issue with the way in which Shopify calculates discounts may occasionally result in a miscalculation of the rounding on some discounted items. This discrepancy may total as much as six cents on a $350 order attracting a 10% discount.

Where a discount code applies to only specific items and not everything in the store, the discount is applied on each qualifying line item and then the sum order total is calculated. In some cases, the rounding is incorrectly calculated. For example - If you purchased 1 unit at $9.95 less the 15% discount, it will round $8.4575 up to $8.46. If you purchased 10 units of the same item, it will round this to $84.58  However, if you purchase 1 unit each of 10 items and applied the 15% discount, it will charge each item at $8.4575 rounded to $8.46 and totalled to $84.60 which will essentially overcharge you by 2 cents. We apologise for this, it is not our doing, it is definitely not our intention to deceive or defraud (hence this boring but complete and open disclosure), it is an inherent issue with the way Shopify is programmed to calculate discounts (all Shopify stores are affected). In the event that an order is overcharged by more than A$0.50, a store credit to the value of the overcharge will be offered.

This information is correct as at the time of publishing - 10.52am Friday 20 October 2017 (AEST).