My favourite sewing tools - Sewline Glue Pens

One of my most favourite sewing tools is the Sewline Glue Pen. I am not a quilter and I rarely sew with woven fabrics so I didn't think it would work for my projects but the Sewline Glue Pen has fast become one of those tools that I just can't do without.

It's especially great for slippery swim knits and other stretch knit fabrics that have a tendency to slide and move, but it's also fantastic for positioning buttons, zippers, lace and labels. It also makes sewing FAST as I don't have to slow down to remove pins and clips every few inches.

With just the right amount of stickiness, the Sewline Glue is tacky enough to hold your fabric together but they can still be separated easily if you need to realign your pieces. The glue won't gum up your needles and it's completely water soluble. 

Each Sewline Glue Pen pack includes one pre-filled glue pen and one refill. Additional refills are available in twin packs which you can get in both blue and pink glue. There are also six-packs available in blue only.

If you haven't checked them out already, I highly recommend giving them a go!