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Stitch Garden "Garden" assorted embroidery threads
Stitch Garden, pack of 50 embroidery threads
Hemline Paraffin Wax
Hemline Paraffin Wax
Only 3 units left
Birch Maxi Organiser Box
Birch Maxi Organiser Box
In stock, 13 units
Birch Floss Cards, cardboard, pack of 50
Sew Easy Navy Embroidery Wallet
Birch Floss Winder
Birch Floss Winder
Only 1 unit left
Hemline Maxi Organiser Box - Small
Plastic Sleeve Refills for Embroidery Storage Bag
Sew Easy - Navy Embroidery Storage Bag
Birch Floss Cards, plastic, pack of 50
Birch Floss Cards, plastic, pack of 25

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