Boomerang Bags!

One thing we are passionate about is being able to contribute to grass roots projects that encourage social responibility - even better if those projects allow people to get involved and become invested in the process.

The reduction of single use plastic bags from our lives has been a relatively easy change for most people to make, but unexpected purchases or forgetting to bring a bag can leave shoppers with no other option. 

We have been delighted to be part of the volunteer team making Boomerang Bags for the community in Terrey Hills, NSW. Stores make the bags available for shoppers to borrow, and return next time for others to use!

It's a small but meaningful contribution to our local area which provides a big benefit over time. 

It is very easy to get involved - you can make bags, donate supplies or arrange to become a distribution point. If there is no active makers group in your community, they will provide everything you need to start one!

Head to the Boomerang Bag website to find out more.