How Do I Make A Face Mask?

With face mask use now mandatory in Victoria, and the rest of the country (and the world) becoming more cautious of going out in public unprotected, many people are looking into making masks to protect their families during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The good news is that cloth face masks have been shown to provide protection from COVID-19, slowing the spread of the virus in the community. 

The even better news is that they are not very hard to make. If you have access to a sewing machine and some fabric, you can make a mask! 

We have created two different patterns, designed for use with our stretch knit cotton lycra fabric, which are FREE to download and use. As well as making masks for your family, we also welcome the use of our patterns commercially, if you are wanting to make masks to sell. 

The first pattern is our Face Mask, a 2 part front with a centre seam. It looks awesome in any colour or print of your choice, and can be made by beginner sewists who can sew on a curve and attach an elastic or cord tie. 

The second pattern is our Face Cover, a flat front seamfree design which is super simple and requires only basic sewing skills. To make this pattern more fun, we created some panels which can add a little fun to the mask wearing experience and encourage mask compliance in children. 

Full instructions for both styles are included in the tutorial that comes with the pattern, but you can ask any questions and get additional guidance in our Facebook Group, and share your creations there as well!

Stay well, and take care of each other!