Can I Use Maxi-Lock Swirls In My Sewing Machine?

It's no secret - we are huge fans of the Maxi Lock Swirls! With 18 variegated colour variations, there is a colour for every project and every personality. 

They are incredibly popular for use in overlockers and coverstich machines, where the straight stitching is done in regular thread while Maxi Lock in the loopers provide amazing splashes of colour, making your sewing truly unique. 

But what if you want that same touch of flair in your regular sewing? Can you use Maxi-Lock Swirls in your sewing machine? The short answer is - YES!

Obviously you would be very fortunate to be able to fit a cone of thread on your sewing machine, and while there are devices available to buy that help make a cone fit, there is a really simple work around, using a few items you likely already have in your home. 

Check out our video to see how it's done!