How Do I Sew Using Panels?

Panels are a great way to add interest to your sewing, and are a fun change from regular prints. Something we hear a lot is that people are confused about how to use panels, and are nervous about trying.

Here we will show you an example of the easiest way to use them - as the front of a tee shirt. They are incredibly versatile though, and once you are confident with them, the possibilities are endless. From tops to pants, dress bodices and even bags, they can also be cut and colour blocked. The use of a panel is limited only by your imagination. 

The first step is to ensure that your panel is the right size for your project.  You can measure your pattern piece before you buy your panel, or select a pattern that works with the panel you have. 


The front piece of the  Brindille & Twig Raglan Tee in a size 5 measures approx 42cm in height. 

That makes this panel perfect for the shirt I want to make. 

As this pattern piece is cut on the fold, you need to fold the panel, locating the centre of the print, to ensure that the focal point of the design is in the middle. You can get creative by offsetting the design to the side, or place it higher or lower if you prefer. 

Cut out the piece as normal. You can often use the offcuts for bands, or for smaller coordinating projects like scrunchies or headbands. 

We occasionally offer fabric to coordinate with the panels we create, but often we find that people prefer to use or other patterns or prints to make their creations truly unique.  When in doubt, solid colours make great coordinates. 


Rubyjam Fabric is proud to offer JAMPOD - Rubyjam Panels On Demand, a range of designs that are printed in our Sydney studio, and available in a range of generous and inclusive panel sizes.