We have changed the way you create an 'Add to Stash' order!

The 'Add to Stash' and 'Combine' options have been removed from our shipping options.  If you wish to create a stash order or add to an existing order, you will need to put the 'Add to Stash' dummy product into your cart before checking out. This will remove the shipping charge from your order.  Postage is still payable but will be billed separately when you are ready to have your stash shipped.


What does 'Add to Stash' mean? 
This is a service we offer that allows you to make the most of our generous flat rate shipping.  When you place an "Add to Stash" order, the order will be picked and your fabric choices cut to size but then we will set your order aside on our hold shelf until the postage amount has been paid. You can place any number of "Add to Stash" orders and we will keep your products aside until you are ready to have them shipped.

Why would I want to "Add to Stash" anyway?
The "Add to Stash" is a great option to use when there's a sale, a limited retail release, a low stock warning, you're on holiday, there's an extreme weather event, etc and you don't want to miss out but also don't want your order shipped just yet.  Unfortunately just putting a product into your cart doesn't reserve the item or the sale price and another person could buy it while you're still browsing.

How do I get my 'Add to Stash" orders shipped out?
You can contact us and request an invoice for postage, or if you would prefer to use our self-service option, you can purchase postage here. Our shipping dashboard will match your postage payment to your open orders and we'll ship everything together in one bundle of fun.

I already paid postage but I want to add something else to my order, what do I do?
Provided your order hasn't already been shipped, we can still add to it. Select the items you wish to purchase and add this dummy 'Add to Stash' product to your cart then check out. You will not be charged any additional postage and we will combine your orders into one bundle of fun.