How do I use Tagless Clothing Labels?

We are very excited to introduce our new range of Tagless Labels! 

Our Tagless Labels are a fantastic alternative to traditional sew in labels. Available in a variety of designs including fun novelty designs, clothing sizes, care instructions and more.

To successfully apply our Tagless Labels to your garments and sewing projects such as bags, wallets, hats, etc you will need a heat press. We prefer to use a swing away style heat press but a clam shell heat press will work just as well. Our fabulous Jambassadors also used the Cricut Press and Mini Press to apply their labels during testing. Domestic irons are not suitable.

How to apply your RJF Tagless Labels:

  • Preheat your heat press to 155c.
  • Position your tagless label right side up on your garment. Cover the transfer with the finishing sheet (or a piece of baking paper) and press with medium pressure for 30 seconds.
  • Wait until it is completely cold then carefully peel back the transfer sheet and discard. Cover the tagless label with the finishing sheet and press again for 5 seconds.
  • Remove the finishing sheet immediately.


RJF Tagless Labels are suitable for cotton or polyester fabrics. Please test your fabric first to ensure it can withstand the heatCold wash recommended, do not tumble dry.

The most commonly asked question we receive is "What does a Tagless Label feel like?" so we have included one in our sample packs so you can see and feel one for yourself.

I know we'll be asked about making custom tagless labels - we can't wait to offer custom tagless labels but for the time being we are offering a range of stock designs only. Just as we did with our JAMPOD print on demand panels, we would like to grow our library of available designs first before offering custom made tagless labels.